$50.00 USD

Create Moments of Connection among Friends Living with Dementia

Sign up for this 60-minute demonstration of tried-and-tested activities that you can implement in your own respite programs.

The session is led by Daphne Johnston, who served as director of a Respite Ministry in Montgomery, Alabama, for more than 10 years and, earlier in her career, led activities in long-term care.

As you apply the techniques Daphne demonstrates, you’ll see how trained volunteers can turn seemingly simple games into opportunities for friends living with dementia to be part of group energy and joy.

Connection activities like these create openings for purposeful small group conversations; games for hand-eye coordination; and the thrill of team competition.

In the fun and excitement, you'll also enjoy ways to connect with friends living with dementia for whom traditional conversations are difficult.

What you'll get:

  • A wide variety of robust activities a director can implement immediately
  • Innovative language on turning games into purpose for volunteers and participants
  • Roughly 15 activities that take 20-30 minutes a piece in a group setting
  • Mindset of engagement and the moments in-between
  • Tips on how volunteers can encourage participants to join in the fun
  • A 14-page step-by-step download of materials needed and an action plan for all activities

These connection activities are versatile enough for use in senior centers, assisted living facilities and memory care units and are most successful with a spirited crew of volunteers in adult day centers and volunteer respite programs.